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If you need to take care of an elderly loved one, there are going to be certain things that you will want to watch out for. Many family members are concerned that their loved one will develop Alzheimer’s disease. This could happen and while you can’t stop it, there are some signs that you and elder care providers should watch out for to be prepared for it.

Experiencing Memory Loss

Elder Care Bryn Mawr, PA: Alzheimer's and Seniors

Elder Care Bryn Mawr, PA: Alzheimer’s and Seniors

One of the first signs that you will want to look out for is memory loss. Everyone will forget something at some point in their life. However, that doesn’t mean they have Alzheimer’s disease. With that being said, when your loved one starts forgetting things on a regular basis, this could be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease. You and elder care providers should keep track of your loved one’s memory loss – when they are forgetting things and what they are forgetting – and talk to their doctor about it.

Isolating Oneself

Has your elderly loved one been isolating themselves from hobbies they once enjoyed, social activities they used to attend, and family events or gatherings? If so, they might be embarrassed because they aren’t able to remember certain people’s names or they might not be able to carry out a conversation. It feels more comfortable for them to just stay home.

Becoming Paranoid

Is your elderly loved one becoming paranoid? This is one of the signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Your loved one might believe that their family members steal things from them. If your elderly loved one is becoming extremely paranoid, it might be time to take them to their doctor for an assessment.

Changes in Hygiene

If your elderly loved one is no longer taking care of their hygiene, this could be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease. Taking care of their own hygiene may seem like a struggle. They might be afraid they will fall in the shower or they might have become afraid of the water. There are many reasons why changes in hygiene happen for those who have Alzheimer’s disease. If you do notice this, you or elder care providers should help your loved one with their hygiene.

Misplacing Things

Has your elderly loved one been misplacing things? Do they sit something down and almost instantly forget where they put it? They might have done this with the television remote, the house phone, house keys, or something else.

Personality Changes

Your elderly loved one might start experiencing personality changes, too. They might become aggressive, agitated, and have major mood swings. While there could be many causes for this, one of those might be Alzheimer’s disease.

These are some of the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease that you should look out for in your elderly loved one. If you notice these signs, be sure to talk to their doctor about it right away.


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Joshua Walker, MBA