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Making the right decision for your loved one’s care is never easy. In order to be comfortable with your options, you need answers. If still have a question not answered in the frequently asked questions below, call your local Correct Choice Home Care office. We’re happy to speak with you about your unique situation.

How do I arrange home care?

We aim to make arranging home care simple and straightforward. Our consults are always free, even if you don’t decide to schedule our services. After an initial consultation, a member of our local care team will travel to your home in the Greater area Philadelphia, to understand your needs in detail and customize a home care plan to meet your unique requirements.

What makes Correct Choice Home Care different?

We believe that the quality of home care can only be done with love. That is why we go beyond providing reliable in-home services, we put our hearts in everything that we do. 

 At Correct Choice Home Care, our people are our passion. It’s what drives us to create a better aging world. Your loved one’s specific evolving needs always come first. With a team of caregivers that truly love their job, we are prepared to not only meet those needs but raise the standard in what it means to provide quality in-home care.


What services do you provide?

Our home care services are always personalized to meet the needs of individuals. After we work with you to develop a personalized plan to fit your needs, your loved one will be able to maintain a schedule that suits them best.

Some of the care services frequently provided by Correct Choice Home Care in Philadelphia include:

  • Bathing & dressing
  • Grooming aid
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Walking assistance
  • Joyful companionship
  • Household organization
  • Fall prevention


Can you also help with mobility?

Yes, of course! Correct Choice Home Care assists with personal transportation, moving, stretching, and total safety when moving throughout the home.

Can I change the services or type of care my loved one receives?

Yes, you can change the type or number of services your loved one receives whenever it’s necessary. We understand how quickly situations can change, so our care plans are always flexible. With Correct Choice Home Care, you are never locked into a long-term contract, so you can alter, change, or discontinue your services at any time.

How can I get my loved one to accept help?

It’s common for your loved one to view the need for help as a loss of independence or invasion of privacy. Here a few suggestions that may be helpful in making these transitions easier.

The first step is listening to and acknowledging your loved one’s reasons and fears for not wanting assistance. Express your understanding of those feelings. If possible, involve your loved one in the process of selecting in-home assistance. This involvement shows that their thoughts and opinions are important and help them feel more comfortable with the decision.

Introduce your loved ones new assistance into their life gradually. For example, start by having your home care provider come by only a couple of hours a week. As your loved one builds a positive relationship with the worker, you can gradually add more hour to meet their needs.

Our consults are always free so you can make the most informed decision for your loved one. Every case is different, so don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can help!