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Recent winter storms across the nation may have you worrying about your senior parent safety during the cold and snowy weather. Here are 4 winter safety tips for seniors taht you might just want to share with your loved ones!

There are many winter hazards that they’ll need to avoid, but you may not be able to be with them to help at all times, especially if you don’t live close by. Fortunately, elder care providers can be there when you cannot.

4 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

#1: Stock Up on Extra Supplies

It’s a good idea to have extra food and household supplies on hand in case weather prevents your parent from getting out of the house to shop. They should have bottled water and canned foods that don’t need to be refrigerated or cooked in case the power goes out. An elder care provider can help make a list and drive your parent to the store. Elder care providers can help them to push the heavy cart and load it up as they shop. When the shopping is over, the elder care provider can put the groceries away.

#2: Keep the House Warm

Sometimes older adults turn down the heat in the house in an attempt to lower their heating bills. While a degree or two may do just that, if the house is too cold over a long period of time, your parent could suffer from hypothermia. Older adults sometimes don’t feel the cold the same way younger adults do because of physical changes. As a result, they may not notice the house is cold. An elder care provider who stops by regularly will notice the cold and can make certain the temperature is set no lower than 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

#3: Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Because houses are closed up in the winter and seniors may use portable heaters or other appliances, the risk for carbon monoxide poisoning increases in the winter. The first step in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning is having working detectors installed. An elder care provider can make sure the detectors in the house are working and change batteries as needed. They can also make sure your parent isn’t warming the house by using heaters or other appliances inappropriately.

#4: Preventing Falls When Going Out

Going outside when roads and sidewalks are slippery can cause your parent to fall and injure themselves. An care companion can walk with them, helping them to avoid ice and holding their arm to keep them steady. For seasonal needs, you may even try to look for services that can cater to 24/7 in-home elderly care needs during the winter



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