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For so many people, self-quarantine to avoid the novel coronavirus is vital but also possibly a little bit boring. There are still ways that your elderly family member can keep her brain engaged and avoid feeling bored and disconnected from life and from the world.  

Catch up on Intended Reading

Image about Four Entertaining Activities Your Senior Can Try During Quarantine

Home Care Ardmore, PA: Activities During Quarantine

Almost everyone has a pile of books they’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had time to get to, even your senior. She may have been busy with activities like volunteering that took her outside her home. Now that she’s a home a lot more, she may be able to spend more time focused on things like reading for stretches of time. Audiobooks can also be a good idea, because your senior may do other things, like garden, while also listening to a book. 

Finding New Hobbies 

Now can also be a great time for your senior to learn or to find some new hobbies. If she’s got Internet access, there are a ton of educational videos on YouTube that can help her to learn a new hobby. The best hobbies are those that she can pick up without having to buy a ton of supplies. She may be surprised at what she finds interesting. This is also a good time to revisit hobbies that your senior hasn’t had time for recently. 

Taking Online Classes 

There are a wide range of different online classes available right now remotely. Lots might be offered through the local library or other agencies. There are also a lot available through other sources, like language learning sites. Finding new skills to learn is a great way to pass the time and it keeps your senior’s brain active and engaged. 

Watch Movies “with” Friends and Family 

It might not be possible to meet up with friends and family in person like she has in the past, but that doesn’t mean that your senior can’t still do some things with them. Watching movies together is possible through streaming services and a group conference call. Incidentally, that can be a great way to eat meals together, too. Speakerphones help to make this even easier. 

Your senior may still need some extra help, too. The good news is that even if you’re not able to help your senior because of quarantine restrictions, home care providers can step in. They’re well-versed in taking steps to keep older adults as safe as possible and they can give your senior the help she needs. 

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