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It’s easy to overlook doors and windows, because they tend to just do their job, right? But they don’t always function the way they’re supposed to, especially if they haven’t been closely examined in a while. 

They Need to Open and Close Easily

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Caregiver Ardmore, PA: Door and Window Safety

The big thing about doors and windows is that they need to open and close correctly and easily. If they don’t, repairs are in order. The reason for this is that these are the main entry and exit points for your senior’s home. Windows are of course a last option for leaving the house, but they’re vital in an emergency. 

Check the Width of Doorways 

Doorways that were once plenty wide enough might not be wide enough now for your senior’s wheelchair or walker. That’s going to be a problem and it’s something that you might be able to fix. Narrow doorways can be widened by a handyman or even a contractor. You don’t want to take a sledgehammer to them yourself by any means. 

Thresholds Can Be a Problem in Doorways 

Something else to consider is the threshold in doorways. If there’s a hump or bump at all, consider how that is impacting your senior’s ability to navigate her home. Again, if she uses a wheelchair or a walker, that can make it difficult for her to get around easily and safely. This might be something that’s easy for you to fix on your own with a trip to the local hardware store. If not, it might be better for a handyman to tackle. 

Check to Make Sure Accessories Are Functional 

Doors and windows have more accessories to them than you think about at first. There are the locks, but then there are also peepholes, hinges, chains, and more. Wireless doorbells and electronic locks could also be something you’re considering. Whatever it is that you’re connecting to doors and windows, make sure that they work properly and that your senior understands how they operate. The last thing you need is for her to get frustrated with something that involves securing her home. 

Consider an Alarm System 

Alarm systems are another idea, especially if your elderly family member is a little nervous about her neighborhood. They’ve come a long way over time, even including things like fire detection and services that older adults find handy, like fall detection and interior camera systems. Talk to your senior about what services she finds most important and then shop around. 

If your elderly family member hasn’t addressed any of these issues recently, it may fall to you as her caregiver to give them a deeper look.  

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