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Your senior might have been perfectly fine staying in her home for years, with the plan to continue doing just that for a long, long time to come. But how reasonable is that for her now? She may be going through some unexpected changes that make that goal really difficult for her to attain.

She’s Experiencing Bigger Health Problems

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Senior Care Villanova, PA: Seniors and Living Situations

Worsening health problems, especially if they’re chronic health conditions, is almost always something that complicates your elderly family member’s life. She may be finding that as her health worsens, her plans to age in place feel less and less feasible for her. It’s important to talk to her about how she’s feeling and how she feels her life has changed. Those conversations can help you to find the right solution for her.

She’s Having Trouble Taking Proper Care of Herself

Your senior may have been taking fantastic care of herself for a long time now, but has that changed? If she’s having difficulty keeping up with regular household tasks and hygiene tasks, that can be a sign that life is getting a little out of hand for her. An excellent solution is to bring in senior care providers to help your elderly family member with anything that is feeling overwhelming for her. They can take over chores or personal care tasks, depending on what is giving her the most trouble.

She’s Not as Safe at Home Anymore

In general, your senior’s overall safety is the biggest indicator of whether she should rethink her current living arrangements or not. If there’s a lot of clutter or she’s behind on household maintenance, that’s a problem. Little solutions around the house could make a big difference, though. Things like handrails, removing slippery throw rugs, and making changes in the bathroom can really help.

She’s Telling You Her Home Isn’t Right for Her Anymore

Something you might be overlooking are the subtle and not so subtle statements your senior might be making about her home now. Hints that she might want to move or that her home is frustrating or scary can mean that your senior has changed how she feels about aging in place. If she’s openly telling you that she wants to move, take that at face value and work with her to find another solution that feels safer for both of you.

Aging in place is a big goal and it relies on a variety of different circumstances lining up just right. There’s no shame for her or for you as her caregiver if another living situation would meet her needs better. No one has failed if changes need to be made.


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Joshua Walker, MBA