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Few people love cleaning. If your mom is dealing with mobility issues or doesn’t have the patience to deep clean, you may need to help her. These are four areas where most people don’t take enough time to properly clean. 

Elder Care in Ardmore, PA: Seniors and Cleaning

Bathrooms usually get the toilet scrubbed. Sinks and fixtures may get wiped down. Is your mom cleaning the floor behind the toilet or down the outside of the toilet bowl? Those are areas many people overlook. 
Cleaning the inside of the toilet tank and putting some vinegar and hot water down drains to freshen them. Finally, toothbrushes should be rinsed with hydrogen peroxide and stored in a cabinet. 
Sheets should be changed weekly. At that time, sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and vacuum it out to remove dust mites and skin flakes. Open the windows and blinds to let fresh air in and the sun will help kill some bacteria and dust mites. 
Vacuum carpets or sweep and mop hard floor surfaces. Wipe away any dust webs. Dust dressers and other hard surfaces. Finally, put away any clothing that’s laying around. 
Dining Room 
The dining room may not get as much attention as it should. The floor needs to be cleaned of any food scraps that will draw ants and mice. The table should be cleaned to kill any germs. Ceiling fan blades should be dusted and sterilized to kill any bacteria that are forming in the dust and grime. 
What areas of the kitchen is your mom forgetting to clean? She may do her dishes and put them away, but when was the last time she wiped down her cabinets, cleaned out her refrigerator, or rinsed out her drains? It all helps kill bacteria and keep odors from forming. 
Each month, your mom should put some hot water and white vinegar down her drains to kill any bacteria forming in the drain pipe. She wants to use bleach and water to wipe down and sterilize refrigerator shelves and drawers. Spills in cupboards need to be cleaned up to keep pantry pests away. 
You may need to get your mom’s home deep cleaned and organized. Once that’s done, hire elder care aides to keep it that way. If your mom is having a hard time keeping up with cleaning and organization, an elder care agency can have caregivers stop by weekly to clean up and make sure you’re mom is doing okay. 

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