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Caregivers are used to solving problems, both for themselves and for other people. Not having the support you need is a huge problem and it’s one that you can remedy if you look at things a little bit differently. 

Stop Tackling the Whole Project All at Once

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When there’s a lot to do, you may only see the whole thing. That’s great for getting your bearings, but you have to be able to break things down into smaller projects and tasks. If you’re not doing that, it’s all going to keep feeling overwhelming and be too much to handle. Practice breaking down the big stuff until it’s smaller and smaller. Gradually you’ll get better at it. 

What Are You Doing Right? 

You know what you’re not proud of and what’s difficult to do right now and on a regular basis. But what are you doing right? There’s probably a whole lot more than you’re giving yourself credit for in the “wins” column, so you need to celebrate that. When you give yourself a pat on the back for getting some things right, that gives you encouragement in the future when you’re floundering. Believe it or not, the best person to be your biggest cheerleader as a caregiver is you. 

What Can You Honestly Do? 

How thin are you spreading yourself? Are you consistently overdoing it because you’re just trying to keep soldiering on? If you haven’t already sat down and had a long talk with yourself about your limits, it’s past time to do just that. Take a few minutes and look at what you reasonably have the energy and the resources to handle. Don’t worry yet about who is going to handle the rest of it, just look at what you can honestly do. 

Bring in Some Pinch Hitters 

There’s more help out there than you might have believed, especially if you allow yourself to lean on elder care providers. They can pick up the slack for you and give you more free time than you ever dreamed was possible. As you learn to take better care of yourself, you may find yourself shocked that you ever tried to be a caregiver without help. 

You don’t have to do it all on your own in order to be a great caregiver. In fact, you’ll be a better caregiver when you figure out how to let go of some things. Throughout that process, you’ll get the support that you need. 

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Joshua Walker, MBA