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Home Safty for Older Adults

As the number of older adults who live independently continues to grow each year, it’s essential


to make safety a priority. Older adults may also become victims of fraudulent activity and

criminals who target older people. If you or a loved one live at home, especially if you live alone,


consider incorporating these measures to ensure your safety.

Accident-Proof Your Home

If you take the time to look around the home of your loved one, you may begin to notice simple

things you can do to make their day-to-day life safer. While you make improvements to the

home, make sure to examine these items on our safety checklist.


TightenLoose Railings Loose railings can result in serious injury, whether or not you are

prone to falling. Your railings should be sturdy enough to support an adult when they lean on it

fully. Examine the railings throughout your home, and make sure that all of the hardware is

tightened down.


Remove Clutter When your home is cluttered, it can cause trips and falls. Whether or not you

or your loved one struggle with mobility, keep your floors and stairs clear of any objects that a

person can trip over.


Secure Loose Rugs If the home has any loose carpeting or area rugs, make sure that they are

secured on all corners and sides. Loose rugs can easily cause someone to slip, trip, or fall. Rug

fasteners can be found at any local hardware store to keep rugs in place and ensure safety.

Avoid Loose Clothing If you or your loved one enjoys cooking or is able to stand near the

stove, they must avoid loose clothing. Loose sweaters, coats, and sleeves can easily catch on

fire near heat and open flames.


Be Mindful of Smoke and Open Flames Candles should never be left lit when you leave

home or go to bed. Furthermore, you should always avoid smoking in the house or bed to

reduce your risk of a house fire.


Don’t Forget the Bathroom The bathroom is one of the most common areas in the home

where slips and falls occur. Prevent potential risk by placing non-slip mats on the floor and

installing support bars in the shower and near the toilet.


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