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When it’s time to talk to your senior about mobility aids you might balk a bit. That’s especially true if you and your senior have argued in the past about some of these helpful tools. You may want to do some research before you bring up the topic again. 

You Don’t Want to Wing This Talk

Home Care Springfield, PA: Mobility Aids

You definitely don’t want to wing this talk at all. Being prepared is going to do a lot to help your senior to be more accepting of what’s coming and to help you feel comfortable even having this conversation. It helps if you have an idea what types of mobility aids your senior is most likely to need and how she’ll be able to benefit from them, but this can be part of your information gathering stage. 

Get Her Doctor’s Opinion  

Talk to your senior’s doctor about what’s going on and what you’re seeing. There may be a variety of other mobility aids that her doctor can recommend. Some of them may even be ones your elderly family member is more open to using. Working with a physical or occupational therapist may also be something your senior’s doctor recommends. Both types of therapists can show your senior how to use mobility aids and how to get the most out of them. 

Remember to Be Supportive 

Whenever you’re ready to start the conversation with your elderly family member, try to remember that the overwhelming feeling you’re trying to convey is that you’re there for her. You’re trying to help her to solve a problem and that’s something you’re doing because you’re on her side. If you play into arguing with her or anything negative, that’s more likely to backfire. 

Focus on Key Issues for Your Senior  

Keep your eye on the prize during your talk. This is about how these tools are going to benefit your elderly family member and what they’re going to do for her. If she’s unable to do some things that she loves and these tools will turn back the clock on that problem, make sure you mention it. You’re going to want to focus on all the good points to win her over. 

Another way to help your senior to get used to mobility aids is to bring in home care providers. They can help your senior to remember to use her mobility aids and they can show her easier ways to do some things. 

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