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When it comes to simplifying, it can mean simplifying your budget, bills, or lifestyle. It’s also a good time to look at simplifying the items in your dad’s home. 
Spend the week going through his garage with him. Like many people, the garage has become a dumping ground for broken appliances, old mattresses, boxes of old books, and unneeded kitchen items. It may be full of leftover lumber and other building supplies. It’s time to tackle that clutter. 
Tackle One Area at a Time

Caregiver in Ardmore, PA: Tips for Decluttering

Don’t try to do everything in one day. Decide on an area and tackle it. You could set goals of clearing away the stairs into the garage on the first day. Clear the area in front of the back or side door the next. After that, do one garage bay at a time. Finish up by clearing any loft storage. 
Rent a dumpster or get plenty of heavy-duty garbage bags. Sort items into trash, keep, or recycle. Items that your dad wants to keep should be set aside. Return to them each day to make sure he still wants to keep them. They need to have a place within the home and not just end up in the garage. 
Sell Items or Give Them to Someone in Need 
Go onto social media groups and sites like Craigslist and read the “wanted” ads. You may be able to give someone in need an item your dad no longer wants. There could be a struggling single mom or dad in need of the refrigerator your dad has sitting in his garage. 
After a fire, you may have families looking for blankets and clothing. If your dad is about to trash items like that, he could donate it instead. 
If he still has items, he could post them for sale on these sites and try to make a little money. He might have luck selling things in a garage sale or flea market. People often buy furniture for a low price to repair and refinish it. 
Ask What Recycling Centers Are Taking 
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many waste districts started limiting the items allowed for drop-off and recycling. Items like electronics, appliances, mattresses, and old furniture were refused. Before you go to drop things off, call and verify that they are accepting everything you need to drop off. 
Your dad should have help with household chores. If he’s struggling to keep his home clean and organized, caregivers are helpful. They’ll work with your dad to clean and organize his home. With caregivers helping out, you and your dad have time for fun activities when you are able to visit. 

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Joshua Walker, MBA