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Packages & Special Offers

Transitions Care Package

This package is specifically designed for individuals who:

  • Discharged from hospital
  • Discharged from Rehabilitation Center
  • Post Operation

The package is designed with the highest level of care initially and to taper off as your loved one recovers.

24/7 Home Care

Provides round-the-clock care for your loved one. With 24/7 care, patients are comforted, knowing someone will be there to help them, and family has the peace of mind they need.

This services, combines full service in-home care along with a discounted rate to make it more affordable. Service is beneficial for people that are:


  • Recovering from surgery
  • Recently discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation center
  • Receiving end-of-life or hospice care

Weekday Appointment Package

  • 4 hours of care
  • Help getting ready for the appointment
  • Attend doctor visit
  • Ask questions appointed by you
  • Take notes on doctor visit
  • Pharmacy drop off and pick up
  • Grocery store trip (if needed)
  • Go home and get settled

We offer a complimentary evaluation & customize the appropriate plan of care best suited for your loved one’s needs.

Welcome Home Package

Package is for individuals who need assistance discharging from a hospital or rehabilitation center.

  • 4 hours of exceptional care
  • Prescription pick-up
  • Errands and grocery shopping
  • Go home and get settled

Long Term Care Insurance Assistance

This service offers a free evaluation of your Long Term Care Policy.

  • Verifies how much of their care will be covered by their long term care policy
  • Discuss client’s ability to qualify to received policy benefits
  • Determine the best time and manner to utilize the policy
  • Ongoing billing support for our clients

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Packages & Special Offers

Image about Packages & Special Offers

Home Care can be an affordable option for your loved one’s care.

  • There is no long-term contract or lease
  • You only pay for the services you receive, there are no extra add-ins or community fees
  • The services are flexible, you can increase and decrease based on your need for care at that time

Develop a Customized Plan of Care

  • Long Term Care Insurance

° Long Term Care Insurance was designed to help individuals cover the skyrocketing cost of care while they are alive and aging.
° If used correctly this can an effective way to ensure that you and your loved ones are cared according to their plans and wishes.
° Call for your free Long Term Care Insurance Review

  • Veteran’s Benefits

° The VA has special programs designed to help Veteran’s and their surviving spouses pay for Home Care,
° Correct Choice Home Care Care offers special assistance to help you veterans determine their eligibility for these programs and assistance getting approved

  • Private Pay or “out of pocket”

° Using income or savings to cover the cost of home care expenses
° Correct Choice Home Care has flexible billing options. We offer direct debit and accept credit cards

  • Life Insurance Policies

° Some Life Insurance Policies carry riders that allow policyholders to access funds while they are alive to pay for care
° Correct Choice Home Care can assist you determining if you have a policy that can cover home care costs

  • Reverse Mortgage

° For many of our clients, their home is their biggest asset, but they want to remain in their home.
° A reverse mortgage is a federally regulated mortgage that can allow older adults to tap into the equity in their home to pay for home care AND ensure that they are never forced to leave their home
° Contact Correct Choice Home  Care to discuss if this may be an option for you

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